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Terms & Conditions YURT SALES.


About us


WoodSmoke Yurts is our company name. We are based in Somerset, with our workshop near Pilton. WoodSmoke Yurts is owned and managed by Ben Lawless. We are dedicated to our work and the high quality of our craftsmanship and will do our best to provide the best that we can. If you have any queries regarding our work in any way then please contact, details on the ‘contacts’ tab of our website.


Making a Purchase


Please start by contacting us with your requirements. If you are unsure of anything or just want yurt advice then please either call or email and we’ll be more than happy to discuss things and to give any advice. When you know what you want we can draw up an estimate and this will give you details on what we’ve previously discussed. If you are unsure of colour, we can send you some colour samples so please ask. Please check the itemised quote so we get your order right from the start.


We’ll let you know when we expect to have your yurt finished and this is usually around 6 – 8 weeks from when the deposit is paid. But please bear in mind that sometimes unforeseen circumstances may alter the delivery date. We will always communicate with you and let you know about work in progress. We require a deposit, normally about 25% of the final figure and once this is paid (normally by BACS) then your order is secured and we’ll start making your yurt! The remaining balance is due on or before delivery, to be paid by BACS. You will find our BACS details on the invoice we send out to you via email.


Once you have paid your deposit you are agreeing to abide by the conditions set out in this document and are entering into a legally binding contract between yourself and Ben Lawless of WoodSmoke Yurts.


Your order:


If you have ordered a yurt that includes felt insulation and / or a liner it is imperative that you first of all allow the yurt to be erected with just the outer Poly Cotton cover. The yurt needs to 'weather' and the rainfall will allow the fibres within the fabric to contract and then become a fully waterproof membrane. It is only once this weathering has taken place that we suggest you add the felt insulation and cotton liner. Failure to allow this process will result in the yurt leaking and causing water damage on the insulation and liner and anything that has been placed within the yurt. If you have any queries regarding this then please contact us directly.


If you Would like to Cancel an Order:


We can give you a full deposit refund if you cancel an order within 5 working days of paying it. Please communicate with us if you have any concerns within this time. If we have already started making the yurt and you can no longer afford to pay for it, please first communicate with us about your concerns, we may be able to offer an instalment plan. As a last resort if you no longer want the yurt then unfortunately we cannot return your deposit.

If WoodSmoke Yurts has to cancel your order:

In the unlikely event of WoodSmoke Yurts having to cancel your order we will give a full deposit refund.




We can deliver your yurt to your location within the UK and can arrange autumn / winter deliveries to France, Spain or Portugal.


For UK delivery we charge a minimum of £100 delivery within 20 miles from our base BA44FJ. Additional miles are charged at £1 per mile for every mile and this includes helping you set up your yurt for the first time at your location.


All yurts provided by WoodSmoke Yurts remain the property of WoodSmoke Yurts until FULL payment has been received.


We will deliver and set the yurt up at the site where you wish, providing we can reach the site by vehicle. Any sites that are difficult to reach by vehicle should be discussed and an additional charge may apply.


You will need to have permission to be on the land where you want the yurt sited.


By allowing us to set the yurt up you are agreeing to pay for the yurt in full within the time frame set out on your invoice.


We have the right to remove the yurt from where we sited it if FULL payment is not received within the time frame set out by WoodSmoke Yurts.  Prices for our yurts can be found in the ‘Yurt Sales’ tab on our website. We have the right to change these but will not alter your invoice if prices change after you pay your deposit.


Our prices include the yurt frame and 12oz PolyCotton covers and a standard soft wood door. We use the best materials out there for our yurts and our covers are fire, water and rot treated. We can also provide insulation, liners and other accessories as stated in our Yurt Sales and Accessories page.


If you are not happy with your yurt:


If you are unhappy with your yurt then please let us know in writing, by emailing us at

 You have the right to return the yurt within 21 days of the delivery date. Within that time we do not expect you to use the yurt. If you need help to return it then we may be able to come and collect it for you but you will be charged the same fee as the delivery cost.


Please note, If you believe there is a fault with the yurt structure, cover or any other accessory provided by WoodSmoke Yurts then you must tell us immediately, that is, within 48hrs of receiving the yurt in your setting. You must email us at to highlight the error. We will come and inspect the yurt where we sited it. We will inspect it for any faults and should we feel it is a fault of ours, we will amend any such errors free of charge.


If we have made a mistake with your order, for example it doesn’t match the description in the itemised quote in design, sizing or colour, then you must email us within 24hrs of whichever the following you receive first: a) a photo of the completed yurt from us prior to delivery, or b) receiving the yurt in your setting.  We will check the order and make any changes and return the yurt to you free of charge. Please note, if you fail to write to us within 24hrs of receiving either a photo or the actual yurt in your setting (whichever you receive first) then we will consider the order is complete and any such changes you require will incur an additional cost, that is, the cost of material and labour, including any travel charges.


We cannot be held responsible for any natural disasters that may occur to the yurt, for example, falling trees, or flooding. We cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by animals or actions made by yourself or any other third party who have caused damage by any means or by lack of yurt knowledge.


If we cannot find any faults that alter the structural integrity, or functioning of the yurt, you have the right to return the yurt, however we cannot return your deposit, and you will be charged for our travel costs to inspect the yurt.


If the yurt has been in your possession for more than 14 days before you file a complaint then we will deduct 20% from the final yurt price and return the remaining balance to you by BACS. Alternatively you can choose to keep your yurt.


When we deliver your yurt, we can help put it up with you for the first time. Please ensure we have easy access to the site and you have prepared a level dry area. We can give you advice on decks etc, please ask. We will check the yurt is erected properly, however if within the first 7 days you feel the yurt is not fairing well, then please let us know, you may need to tighten the ropes or re-position the star for example. Please let us know if you have any issues after 7 days because we can usually come and help.


If you simply do not want the yurt any longer, then you have the right to return it to us your selves within 3 weeks from the day it was delivered to you. We will refund the cost of the yurt minus 20% of the final price.


The deposit is non-refundable.


If you are happy with your yurt! We would love for you to keep in touch and send us photos of your yurt in your setting! It’s always great to see pictures of how folks are using their yurt, some are being used as yoga shala’s, extra bedrooms, classrooms, glamping and homes!


Yurts are such great spaces and so diverse in use! Please keep in touch!


These terms relate to your order and we may change them at any time so please ensure you are familiar with the current terms and conditions.

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