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Yurt Care and Fabric Maintenance 

Our fabrics:

Outer cover -  We use 12oz Regentex Polycotton for all of our outer covers. We believe it is the best material for this use. 

Regentex is is a blended polyester cotton cloth treated with water repellant, rot resistant and flame retardant emulsion. Regentex is tested to ensure it meets the Fire Retardant (FR) standard BS7837:1996. Fire proofing certificate is available upon request. 

First use:

It's very important for Regentex PolyCotton to 'weather' before any other fabric layers are added to the frame. The fabric needs to have rain water or hose water to saturate it so the fibres can contract and relax back and therefore tighten the weave allowing it to become fully watertight. The fabric then needs to be allowed to fully dry naturally. This is a slow process and this 'weathering' process may need to happen two or three times before it is ready. Only after the weathering process is complete do we recommend adding the inner layers of felt and liner. 


If your outer cover gets dirty, please allow it to dry fully before using a stiff brush to remove the dirt. Never use detergent as this will remove the FRW proofing. 

Any bird droppings should be removed as soon as possible, within a matter of days.

Never use a jet wash / power washer on the fabric. Use a sponge or soft cloth or a stiff brush on dry dirt.

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