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A Ger

Our straight-pole Gers don't involve any steam-bending so the overall crafting and processing time is far less.

We take just as much care in our work but there are differences in the overall Ger structure compared to our Kyrgyz style steam-bent Yurt.  

The bent frame in our steamed Yurts are much stronger due to the Krygyz style curve in the roof and have a more useable space all around the circumference and right up to the trellis walls. 

Our Gers are priced at between 9 - 12% off the Yurt prices. Enquire within.


We prefer to use our Kyrgyz style steamed yurts for the reasons stated above and also because we think the craftsmanship and attention to detail is far more beautiful than the more basic design of the Ger. For all of our Yurts and Gers we use 12oz Regentex PolyCotton covers. A note from the manufacturers:

"Regentex is a 52% / 48% PES and cotton blended fabric, woven exclusively to give a high strength to low weight ratio, making it ideal for areas where physical performance must be matched by visual appeal. Woven in characteristic ripstop weave or plain weave, the cotton content ensures breathability whilst the polyester content gives the fabric strength. Regentex is particularly popular for its use in the haulage industry for covers, but is best known for its use in the traditional New Zealand Rug, for premium horsewear. Also an ideal fabric for architecture and construction, being resistant to deformation and extension under tension. It has excellent properties for resistance to abrasion and mechanical damage as well as degradation from long-term exposure to sunlight." It is Rot, Fire and Water treated to the highest standards.

For hotter climates where there is long exposure to UV rays we recommend using Regentex PolyCotton over any other product due to its strength, durability and breathable nature. There are other fabrics such as PVC that will withstand the UV rays but we don't like the idea of living in a space that cannot breathe.


We can include an extra outer sun-canopy to rig up above your yurt/ger to give added protection. This useful sun canopy can double up as a porch and hammock space, perfect to shelter you when you want to enjoy the outside space surrounding your yurt.


Please enquire within. 

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